How to walk a space [today]

Virtual space + Installation [2023]
Presented at Schauzwei-Ent, Haag (AT)

1. adj. occupying the interstices that exist in a body or between two or more bodies.

Our contemporaneity is affected by capitalism that deterritorializes and reterritorializes
everything in its path, disembodies any relationship that concerns experience with the
territory. Today, spaces are not practiced, but rather traversed as they are elements that
connect places with one another. If a place is defined by its identity, political, and historical
relationships, a space that cannot be defined by any of these characteristics is an interstitial
space, a space between spaces, devoid of content. Our cities and towns are plagued bythese in-between places; neglected spaces where abandonment, the passage of time, andwaste have transformed the landscape into rarely passable territories.
How to walk a space [today] is an artistic proposal that aims to highlight the hybridcondition of space in our present time rescuing these forgotten spaces and reconnectingwith them. Through a rhetoric of the inner-digital and the outer-material, the project invitesthe user to navigate a map composed of various interstitial spaces in the town of Haagcaptured through 3D scanning. The viewer will be able to freely explore the space and, atthe same time, experience the registered places in the physical exhibition space through theinstallation in the shop window of Ent.
SCHAUZWEI Date And Time 16.06.2023 // 19:00 to28.07.2023 Location ent, Kunst- und Kulturwerkstatt
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