in American English


NOUN slang

1. a student who spends much time studying and has little or no social life; grind

2. a stupid, boring, or unattractive person

3. a person who studies a subject or issue in an excessively assiduous and thorough manner

a policy wonk


film [2023]

Presented at LEONARDO LASER LINZ - Danube Songs 2 Vol. III

pareidolia. noun. par·​ei·​do·​lia ˌper-ˌī-ˈdōl-ē-ə, -ˈdōl-yə : the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful, image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.

A young image researcher arrives in an industrial city crossed by a river where several unusual phenomena have occurred. Strange sightings, mutations and drownings. Pareidolia will lead us to a reflection on how, in the most recondite and unconnected, we can always find relations.


Virtual space + A.I [2023]

In collaboration with KUNSTHALLE Linz (AT)

right there  —-->http://wonk.works/apophenia/vtour/tour.html

An aesthetic presentation of speculative collective imaginaries and narratives invites the audience to question the constructed nature of our shared realities and notions of truth. Further aesthetic exploration of AI tools adds a new layer of complexity, amplifying new possibilities for biases and errors that can arise from this new shared agency. Apophenia delves into the interstice of human-computer perception and our shared responsibility in the construction of our future collective realities, reflecting on the blurring boundaries between chaos and order, nature and culture, while embodying and celebrating our innate fascination and yearning to understand and make sense of the world around us.

AI Content: Miguel Rangil (ES), Aizhan Saganayeva (KZ),

Virtual Space: Till Schönewetter (DE), Ghazal Hosseini (IR),

Sound Design: Emma Tripaldi (IT),

Communication: Alessia Fallica (IT) & Martina Pizzigoni (IT),

Production: Behiye Erdemir (TR) & Hanif Haghtalab (IR),

Team: Ahmed Jamal (EGY), Danielius Marius Šermukšnis (LT), Ghazal Hosseini (IR), Rene Preuer (AT), Salma Aly (EGY), Sofia Talanti (IT), Volkan Dinçer (TR),

Curator: Fabricio Lamoncha (ES).

How to walk a space [today]

Virtual space + Installation [2023]

Presented at Schauzwei-Ent, Haag (AT)






1. adj. occupying the interstices that exist in a body or between two or more bodies.

Our contemporaneity is affected by capitalism that deterritorializes and reterritorializes

everything in its path, disembodies any relationship that concerns experience with the

territory. Today, spaces are not practiced, but rather traversed as they are elements that

connect places with one another. If a place is defined by its identity, political, and historical

relationships, a space that cannot be defined by any of these characteristics is an interstitial

space, a space between spaces, devoid of content. Our cities and towns are plagued by

these in-between places; neglected spaces where abandonment, the passage of time, and

waste have transformed the landscape into rarely passable territories.

How to walk a space [today] is an artistic proposal that aims to highlight the hybrid

condition of space in our present time rescuing these forgotten spaces and reconnecting

with them. Through a rhetoric of the inner-digital and the outer-material, the project invites

the user to navigate a map composed of various interstitial spaces in the town of Haag

captured through 3D scanning. The viewer will be able to freely explore the space and, at

the same time, experience the registered places in the physical exhibition space through the

installation in the shop window of Ent.



Date And Time

16.06.2023 // 19:00 to




ent, Kunst- und Kulturwerkstatt

WONK is a duo formed by Till Schönwetter and Miguel Rangil